Fall on the back porch banner

Fall on the Back Porch

Oct 15, 2020

Fall on the back porch banner


The front porch always gets the attention, seasonally and on regular days. Not without good reason- curb appeal is important to homeowners and you want the front of your home to be presentable. But for those who enjoy fall days on the back porch, it may also be important to decorate for the season and not neglect a commonly unseen area. The back porch is a gathering place for friends and family and it deserves some seasonal love, too. Here are a few simple ways you can decorate your back porch and enjoy it all autumn long. 

Add some cozy throw blankets and decorative pillows to the porch swing if you have one. It’ll be the perfect spot to relax with a pumpkin spice latte or warm cup of cider and take in the views of the falling leaves. 

Pumpkins can be used anywhere in the home, both indoors and outdoors. Stack a few fall gourds around your back porch for seasonal celebration. You don’t have to stick with the plain orange carving pumpkins, either- most patches and markets carry a variety of shapes and colors, making it easy to shop for the perfect pumpkins to coordinate with your decor. Need more earthy tones? Grab a bundle of green and light orange heirloom pumpkins for a muted but noticeable porch area. Prefer the classic carved Jack-o-Lantern? Grab as many as you please and have a carving party in the backyard with family and friends! 

Lighting is always a plus for chilly evenings and fall gatherings. Go for some yellow-toned string lights to surround your back porch and create a warm-lit atmosphere. 

Who says wreaths are only for front doors? If you want something pretty to look at out back, go ahead and add one with your favorite fall foliage and ribbon colors! 

If you have gatherings at your home often or plan on spending a good amount of time outside with friends, add an outdoor storage ottoman with blankets for chilly evenings. These can be decorative for picture-worthy hangouts or plain picnic blankets for stargazing in the grass. 

It doesn’t take much to make your back porch enjoyable, but the small attention to detail will please your guests and give you an extra ounce of joy every time you visit the backyard!