An image of a child finishing homeschooling strong.

Finish the Homeschool Year Strong

Apr 5, 2021

An image of a child finishing homeschooling strong.

Since the pandemic has stayed around for more than a year, some parents made the decision not to send their children back to school last fall. States and counties have expanded the option and resources for homeschooling, and employers have been flexible to let some parents work from home and help with their childrens’ education. While it has been a wonderful option, it may not come easy for everyone. Being at home can breed procrastination and lower motivation. To beat the distractions and finish the year with a bang, check out these helpful tips. 

Organize the remaining lessons.

If lessons aren’t organized, they tend to not be completed. A mess can leave both the student and teacher frustrated. Take a few minutes to lay out the lessons for each day so that there is a structured system to follow for the rest of the year. 

Be flexible. 

You can’t completely throw out flexibility when it comes to homeschooling, no matter how structured your plan may be. Spring is a good time to be outside and exploring nature, so try to tie that in to lessons for a hands-on experience instead of sitting in front of a screen all day! 

Set a goal date. 

A “last day of school” should be on the calendar to have something to look forward to. This means keeping a balance between rigid organization and flexibility. Keep this date set in stone and plan a fun trip or activity to celebrate after. 

Schedule tests spaced out. 

Cramming multiple tests or final exams in one week can be too much for a homeschooler. Performance may be poor when there is extensive pressure to cram multiple subjects at one time, even if the student has done well all year. 

Plan an end-of-year evaluation. 

Let your student evaluate you as a teacher/facilitator and evaluate your student in productivity throughout the year. Take an honest look at the curriculum, routine and day-to-day dynamics. If there are any struggles or frustrations, work together to see what you can do to change them for everyone’s benefit. Make a list of things to research and improve over the summer for a strong start next year. 

Homeschooling is no easy feat. Many of you have taken on this task with enthusiasm and you should give yourself some credit! Do what you can to succeed at the end of the year and celebrate once it’s all finished.