An image of the spring garden chores banner.

Gardening Chores to Complete before Spring Ends

Apr 5, 2021

An image of the spring garden chores banner.

There is a short amount of time left before the summer heat rolls in and kids are out of school. Between more time at home, family vacations and other activities, the garden may be a little neglected. Consider these tasks to complete before the end of the season to be sure your garden thrives throughout the summer. 

Walk around the garden and take note of beds that need to be cleaned out and look for evidence of nuisance wildlife such as rabbits that could cause damage to a garden. Experienced gardeners understand the importance of recording the activities of your garden each season, so keep a detailed list of what needs to be taken care of. 

Clean, sharpen and oil your garden tools. If you use electrical equipment such as a lawnmower or trimmer, be sure to service them after they have likely been used in excess during the spring season. 

Prune away your shrubs. This will help them with new growth and keep the shape maintained. Be sure to wait until they have finished blooming all the way so that the buds won’t be killed prematurely. 

Clean the garden beds and remove all debris, including fallen branches from those spring showers. Keep the garden clean to repel pests and diseases. Keep weeds at bay too so that they don’t overgrown and kill your plants during the summer. 

Prepare the soil for summer growth. Loosen it by tilling and add any compost or amendments necessary. Rake and water it to be ready for planting. 

Another easy way to keep weeds out of a garden is by putting mulch over the soil. It can be in the form of dead leaves, wood chips, burlap bags or biodegradable mats. Mulch will keep the soil cool, keep weeds from intruding and stop water from evaporating out. 

A well-kept garden beautifies your space and is a great way to help the environment while enjoying a hobby at the same time. Take the proper steps to care for your garden and watch the colorful blooms thrive all summer.