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Halloween Safety during a Pandemic

Oct 15, 2020

Halloween safety banner


Should Halloween be different this year in the midst of COVID-19? There are multiple views on this, but some parents would still like for their children to have a sense of normalcy and enjoy the candy-filled holiday. If you do still plan on celebrating Halloween this year, here are a few things you can do to stay safe and healthy. 

  • Avoid large crowds or clusters of people when trick-or-treating between homes. Try to socially distance whenever possible and encourage children to keep their hands to themselves. While it isn’t totally clear how much touching objects could spread the virus, it’s better to be overly cautious and have them touch only their bags or buckets. Keep sanitizer handy, too, for quick disinfecting between stops. 
  • If you have any Halloween parties planned, try to keep the crowd a little smaller. If social distancing is possible, encourage guests to practice it and wear masks if they choose- luckily, a good bit of costumes already include masks so it will be natural this time! 
  • For an alternative option to trick-or-treating, consider a Halloween scavenger hunt for the whole neighborhood to join in on. You can meet up with a few neighbors to purchase and distribute candy or treat bags throughout common areas of the neighborhood, along sidewalks and in driveways. Then, children will be able to play a fun game with friends without having to interact and pass candy from bag to bag. 
  • Costume parties and contests are always fun, but they can tend to be a bit crowded. Go virtual this year! Kids are used to their classes being online already, so why not put together a costume party via online chat? Have a fun treat available for the winner such as a gift card to their favorite restaurant or a small bit of cash. 
  • Talk to your neighbors about organizing a neighborhood Halloween parade. The children would walk down the street or in the back of someone’s truck and neighbors would stand in their driveway, tossing candy for every member of the parade to enjoy. 

Halloween doesn’t need to be cancelled this year. By taking proper precautions and still finding ways to have fun, your family and friends can make new memories this Halloween.