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Hayne’s Station Signature Homes Structural Options

Feb 18, 2021

hayne's station structural options banner


Structural options are a highlight of building a semi-custom home with Bill Beazley Homes. In Haynes Station, not only are there multiple floor plans to choose from, there are also structural decisions that can be made online after your contract is signed. Much like interior selections such as flooring and countertops, choosing structural options is a fun part of the home building process. 

For some streamlining, we will go over a few structural option examples from the Kelly 6 floor plan: 

Front Door Style

A painted fiberglass front door with a soft arch is a classic choice for many homes. There are also flat-top options with multiple panels. The fun part is choosing a paint color for it that will make your home stand out among the others! They are also EnergyStar certified. 

Another door choice is a paint-grade front door with glass insert, allowing more natural light to come into your home. These can also be painted with custom colors or left as is. 

Door Hardware

This consists of the color choices for doorknobs, hinges, deadbolts and door stops. Venetian bronze and satin nickel are two classic finishes that can complement any home style. 


Mantles are typically painted white to match the rest of the interior trim in the home, but there are a few different patterns available to choose from. The fireplace surround can be customized as well, either with stone that matches the exterior stone on the home or tile and grout that can be selected. 


Believe it or not, outlets are on the list of choices to make when designing your home. If there is a specific room in the home that needs an additional outlet, it can be requested with the builder. There are also floodlights that can be installed outside and under-cabinet lights to bring a warm glow and modern upgrade to the kitchen. 

Back Porch

If you plan on spending a ton of time in the backyard relaxing on the porch, a covered patio addition may be right for you. A covered porch with concrete flooring will be built and a fan can be selected for cooler air during the warm summer nights. 

It may seem overwhelming to make design selections for a home that is still under construction, but it is well worth it to see everything come together before your closing day. Be sure to research the best products and color choices for your home based on your personal style.