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Home Features for Pets

Aug 13, 2020

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Sure, we know that a dog or cat won’t be reading this blog post, but this is for them. Consider your furry friend when you are designing a new home or remodeling your current home. Do they have the space that they need to run around and bring joy to everyone in the home? So often, we purchase a home with ourselves in mind and don’t consider our pets or the fact that we may have one in the future. Here are a few things to think about that will make your home more comfortable and easier to navigate for your pet. 


  • First, conduct an “all fours inspection”. Much like preparing for a newborn, it is necessary to get down on the height level of a pet to have an idea of what they see. Put yourself in your pet’s place and look around for any hazards they may encounter, such as electrocution or strangulation from loose cords. Keep window treatment cords closer to the top of the window so they can’t be chewed off. 
  • Plants are often an overlooked danger to pets. While they can be appealing to the eye, certain varieties of plants can be extremely harmful and even deadly to your furry family members. Lilies could cause kidney failure in cats, so be sure to research every flower or plant you are thinking of placing in the home. This goes for the garden as well- if your pet is outside and happens to get into the garden area, be sure there is no danger for them to get exposed to. 
  • Carve out a space dedicated to your pet. Homeowners often choose mudrooms or laundry rooms for this as they are close to the garage or outdoors. Add a large farmhouse-style sink or even a dedicated tub/shower area specifically for your pet’s baths. Keep a large bed in there and organize their food and treats in cabinets or on a shelving unit for easy access. 
  • Keep flooring in mind if you’re shopping for a new home or conducting renovations. Carpets are notorious for holding smells around after accidents have happened. If you do have carpet in your home, vacuum at least twice a week to maintain freshness and deodorize. To avoid paying a professional carpet cleaner on a regular schedule, look into hardwood or vinyl flooring. It will be easy to mop and wipe for quick cleanups in the event of an accident. 
  • If you like to snuggle with your pets at night, install a small set of stairs or a ramp by your bed so they don’t have to jump up high and risk injuring themselves. 

Pets are more than an accessory, they’re family! They should be treated as such. Make the necessary changes and adjustments to your home to make it easier for your beloved pets to enjoy.