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Home Projects to Complete While Social Distancing

Apr 9, 2020

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Home Projects to Complete While Social Distancing

Now that the national guidelines for social distancing have been extended through at least April 30, you’re probably looking for new ideas to keep busy. If you have a list of tasks or projects to be completed around the house, now is the time to get started. Here are a few things you could look into doing to stay busy: 

Plant a Garden

Whether you are wanting to plant into the ground or build a new garden box, spring is the perfect season to start. With all of this extra time at home, you can adequately water your plants and see exceptional growth. 

Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Looking for a refresh every time you grab a snack? Now is the best time to paint a new color on your kitchen cabinets. Look up recent trends or interior design blogs for color inspiration and order a can from your local home improvement store. If you decide you don’t love it, you have plenty of time to go back before guests can come over for gatherings again! 

Switch Bathroom Tile

All of the time-consuming projects can be checked off of your list during social distancing. If you have seen new patterned tile or just need to freshen up what you have, spend a weekend laying new tile in your bathrooms. You may be so surprised with the change that you keep it going in the kitchen and laundry room as well. 

Pressure Washing

If you know a local small business that offers pressure washing and have the means to support them, do it. Keep the local economy thriving by giving business to contractors who will clean the outside of your home and enhance your curb appeal. You can always pressure wash on your own as well if hiring someone isn’t in the budget. Since everyone is taking walks more often these days, make sure the outside of your home looks beautiful. 

Remember that this time of social distancing is new to all of us. Give yourself grace and don’t try to stick to a task list every single day. If you complete any of these, you’ve done awesome! If not, you’re still awesome.