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Home Upgrades that Pay Off at Resale

Jan 27, 2020

Upgrades that pay off at resale banner


Home Upgrades that Pay Off at Resale

        It’s a great time to sell, but a few renovations may be necessary in your home before getting ready to list. By making upgrades that will make your home stand out against others on the market, you may end up with a higher return on investment. We have listed 10 of the best upgrades that will pay off in the long run.

Minor Kitchen Remodel

        Replacing old appliances with more modern, energy-efficient models and refinishing cabinets with a trendy stain will give you a leg up on the competition when the time comes to list. Even small hardware and tile upgrades can go a long way.

Deck Addition

        If your house has a large yard, a wooden deck can be an enhancement that provides entertainment and enjoyment for years to come. Between the investment in building and cost addition in resale, you could recoup up to 75% of the cost of construction.

Bathroom Updates

        Pay attention to bathroom trends when preparing to list. Marble or granite countertops, clean painted cabinets and new hardware fixtures can all assist in increasing your home’s value.


        Hire a dependable and reputable landscaping company to freshen up your curb appeal. Driving by your home is the first impression a potential buyer will have, so this small investment will be sure to create a sense of welcome to those interested.

Fresh Paint

        If your home has been painted to cater to your personal taste, it may be best to switch to modern neutrals that brighten up the home. This would also be a good time to cover larger holes in the walls where pictures have been hung since it is important to remove personal items before listing.

Renaming a Room

        If there are additional rooms in your home, maybe one can be converted to a selling feature. Office space or home gyms are highly used and you may get a quick sale by including them during upgrades.


        If your home is older, it may not boast the best energy efficiency. Without modifying the necessary insulation, the utility costs could be higher than a newer home. Energy efficient insulation can save yearly costs for homeowners.


        New floors add to the value of the home both visually and financially. Updated scratch-proof and waterproof wood-look flooring will last longer, especially in high-traffic areas with pets and children.

Add-On Space

        A smaller home in a neighborhood with larger floorplans could take longer to sell. If you are able to budget and are willing to invest, consider adding additional space to the home. Maybe building an extra room or two or converting a basement to a fully furnished suite would be just what you need to sell.

Work with a Realtor

        For your best returns on investment and a quick sale, search around for an experienced realtor that can give you advice on what to do for your listing to pop. They have researched market trends, know about interior design and all of the best features that are sure to sell your home at a better price than you think.

        By considering these ideas and making small investments now, you may end up selling your home quickly and will stand out among the competition!