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How to Maximize the Natural Light in Your Home

May 19, 2020

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How to Maximize the Natural Light in Your Home 

Sunlight can affect anyone’s mood exponentially. Now more than ever, it’s important to have a little bit of Vitamin D to boost your happiness and productivity. Getting light into darker rooms can be tough, but makes a world of difference when it is accomplished. Here are a few ways to bring more natural light throughout your home. 

Mirror Effect

Shiny surfaces, such as mirrors, make light reflect and bounce around the room. Chandeliers, mirrors, or silver-plated photo frames will all help the natural light reflect in the room and add a decorative touch. 

Window Treatments

Thick drapes and curtains absorb natural light and prevent it from entering a room. Lighter colors and fabrics will open up the space and brighten it as well. If you prefer energy saving or room darkening curtains, open them up during the day to allow the light to come in. 


Adding a glass door or side window can increase the flow of light that comes into your home. Frosted glass is a great option for privacy while keeping things bright. There are even frosted film sheets available that will work on any budget. 

Glass tabletops and acrylic chairs are another great way to increase the lighting in a room. They are extremely on trend as well! 

Paint Color Choices

Darker walls make it difficult for natural light to travel through, so use paint that complements the use of light instead. A light gray is a classic choice that will match just about any piece of decor as well. 

Kitchen Contrasts

If you have dark cabinetry in the kitchen, create a stark contrast with light countertop finishes. The lighter color and different texture will break up the solid color of cabinets and help your kitchen feel more open. Light backsplash is another good way to bring in more light. 

Try a few of these simple changes and increase the positivity in your home. The right lighting makes the biggest difference, so use these tips to help that happen!