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How to Support Small Businesses for Free

Nov 5, 2020

How to support small businesses for free banner

2020 has been extremely tough for everyone. Small businesses have received an exponential hit this year with many facing losses and closing their doors for good. Now more than ever, it is extremely important to support the small businesses around you. Don’t have money to patronize every business you know of? Here are a few simple things you can do that will give those small businesses more support than you think. 


Leave a Positive Review

Do you love a small business that has a social media platform or website? Find your way there and post a review for others to see. It will motivate potential shoppers to support small if they hear testimonials and have a strong referral. Check on your favorite search engine for platforms such as Yelp to leave reviews. Looking at reviews is common practice before trying a new business, so even one nice word to them helps. 


Tell Family and Friends

Give a personal testimonial to those closest to you. If there is a small business you just can’t get enough of, tell others so that they may try it out as well! Friends and family that trust you are more likely to listen if you have had a positive experience and they could support that business too. 


Follow on Social Media

When a business page has more followers, social media algorithms will give it more traction and it will pop up on more newsfeeds. It will help them be discovered by a wider range of people and grow their business with a larger established audience. You can also share their social media pages to help them gain more traction.  



If you know of a small business that offers an email list or newsletter, sign up for it at no cost. They may send out tips and tricks or ads for their products, but you won’t have pressure to purchase. 


Don’t fall too easily for the bright lights and sparkling storefronts of larger chains. Small businesses are the backbone of most communities and we should do everything we can to help them stay afloat in such a tough year. If you have the means to purchase from them and truly love what they have to offer, go for it! But know that it is possible to support them completely for free as well with these ideas.