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Kitchen Island Trends

Jul 16, 2020

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Kitchen islands are often a focal point of kitchen design. They are the activity hub during meal prep and the buffet during parties or gatherings. Not only do they have many functionalities, there is also huge potential for design and decoration. Here are a few trends to consider when designing a new kitchen island. 


Kitchen island space is enjoyed for dining, entertaining and socializing. Extra cabinets and drawers are a huge benefit storage-wise, especially in an otherwise small kitchen space. 

Size and Shape

Islands are averaging 6-7 feet in width. A rectangular or square-shaped island is the most common shape to go with, but L-shaped islands are rising in popularity for their increased functionality. 


Two-tone is a favorite in all things style right now, including the kitchen. A dark base color with a contrasting cabinet shade will draw attention to the focal point of the kitchen and help to break up the space. 


Engineered quartz has been one of the most popular choices for all types of counters, especially in the kitchen. Granite is a timeless option that is always a good choice as well. Many homeowners prefer a large butcher block as an island countertop as it adds to the functionality. Meal prep is made much easier and scratches aren’t a huge deal. 


Islands have been built recently with appliances, such as an additional sink or dishwasher. A built-in wine cooler is a wonderful idea as well for the entertainer. Glass cooktops can go on the island too, especially for those meals that need multiple sides or prepped ingredients. 


A new kitchen island wouldn’t be complete without new light fixtures. Pendant lights bring extra dimension to the kitchen, but recessed lighting is helpful as well. 


Accent pieces are the perfect touch to the top of an island. Display a special recipe book on a stand or a favorite family photo in a frame. Fresh flowers brighten the mood in any room, but especially in the kitchen where they are noticed and smelled constantly. 

When designing or renovating a kitchen island, keep in mind the trends in the spotlight but make it fit for the home as well. This is an important piece of the kitchen and it’s necessary for it to be an enjoyable area.