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Maximizing Closet Space

Jan 18, 2019

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In keeping up with the trend of decluttering that most homeowners in the country are going through right now, you may find you are frustrated with a lack of space in your closet. If you are in an older or smaller home, finding that necessary space can be difficult. Even after all of the decluttering and donating, you could still run into this problem. Take a step back and shift your perspective and decide how you can utilize every bit of space in the closet to store everything that is needed.


Take Inventory

An extremely necessary first step in re-creating your closet space is to take a thorough inventory of every item. It can be painful but will be worth it in the end. Remember, only keep the pieces that bring you joy.


Empty Wall and Door Space

Having a blank slate on the wall gives room for hanging smaller accessories and other items. A bar or organizer can easily be hung for scarves, hats and more. Over-the-door organizers are a bestseller and favorite for keeping shoes off of the floor and freeing up more valuable space.


Double Hanging Rods

Most closets come standard with one rod for hanging, but it is fairly simple to install a second lower rod to maximize space and hang more items. This is especially easy for kids’ rooms as their clothes are smaller and sometimes large in quantity.


Brighten Up

Try adding more lighting, either via an electrician or installing your own battery-operated lights on shelves. Having a brighter space makes it easier to find what you need and reduces stress while searching and cleaning.



Think of the closet like a filing cabinet. Group things together so that you know where to look for a specific item. For example, hang all pants together and separate tops by sleeve length and/or color. This will create ultimate efficiency and ease when searching for anything you need.


Try to make any re-organizing process as fun as possible. Don’t let it stress you out and remember that each person has their own method for getting the house in order. Whichever way you choose, enjoy it and relish in your success afterward!