Non-traditional Christmas tree decorations banner

Non-Traditional Christmas Tree Decorations

Nov 30, 2020

Non-traditional Christmas tree decorations banner


Non-Traditional Christmas Tree Decorations 

It’s the most wonderful time of the year during the most unprecedented year. Many plans and traditions have been thrown out in 2020, so why not shake up your Christmas decor as well? You may want to keep your usual Christmas tree as a piece of stability in such a wild year but for a bit of extra adventure, consider these unusual pieces of decor to add a unique touch to this holiday season: 

Garland Christmas Tree

This is a great idea for families with little ones who may be prone to messing with a traditional tree and knocking it over. Take a garland made from pom-poms, tassels or tinsel and use double-sided tape or push pins to attach it to the wall in the shape of a tree. 

Succulent Christmas Tree

The succulent trend has been going steady for a few years now, so give it a holiday twist. Arrange faux succulents into the shape of a tree by gluing together with a hot glue gun and add a festive star to the top. It makes for the perfect centerpiece that will be the talk of your holiday meals. 

Deconstructed Tree

A unique way to save space is a deconstructed Christmas tree. Gather multiple sticks of various sizes that can be arranged into a tree shape and attach them with string lights. This will lay perfectly against the wall and ornaments can still be hung for some extra pizazz. 

Book Tree

Are you an avid book collector? Gather a stack of books with green spines (or create faux wood books and paint them green), and pile them into a pyramid or tree shape. If you have a fun paperweight, add it to the top for your “star”. This is another great centerpiece idea or a different way to fill up some empty space on a shelf. 

Christmas Card Tree

Looking for a different way to display all of the Christmas cards you receive from loved ones? Take double-sided tape and attach them to the wall into the shape of a tree. A tin or decorative basket on the floor full of blankets or presents is a great “trunk” for a final touch. 

Hay Bale Tree

Now, it’s time for an outdoor idea that will catch the attention of your neighbors- a hay bale tree. Stack hay bales up into a tree shape (you can find faux ones at craft stores if you don’t want the real thing) and spray paint them green or leave them natural. Add a decorative garland and enjoy this unique, rustic yard decor! 

It doesn’t take much to think outside of the box and create different decor that goes against the grain. Again, if you choose to keep your regular tree up this year, that’s great! But consider one of these other ideas in addition to your traditional tree as a way to mix things up and have fun this season after such a tough year.