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Plants that Thrive during Winter

Nov 30, 2020

Winter thriving plants banner

Gardening doesn’t have to be a singular seasonal hobby. Believe it or not, there are plants that are great during the winter and make it possible to enjoy gardening year-round. Here is a list to get you started with winter gardening: 


Pansies as well as violas thrive in mild winter climates such as those we typically experience around the CSRA. Technically, they’re annuals, but they tend to drop seeds late in the winter and re-bloom in the spring. 


Blending in beautifully with winter and holiday decor, snowdrops are droopy flowers that look great around borders at a home’s walkway and can bloom even in the snow, hence the name! 

Winter Jasmine

This one is a medium-sized shrub full of bright yellow flowers. For those with smell sensitivities, this one is not overly fragrant. It adds a pop of color to an otherwise dull winter landscape. 


This plant will bloom during mid to late winter with bell-like flowers hanging down from an evergreen shrub. 

Witch Hazel

For a wispy, colorful shrub towards the end of winter, plant witch hazel. They come in a special winter-flowering variety and add color to your landscape. It is also widely used as an astringent for skincare! 

English Primrose

This perennial blooms at the latter end of winter with various types to support multiple different areas and climates. 


Bringing pops of pink, red or white flowers to evergreen shrubs, hundreds of varieties of camellia bloom from fall through winter. 


Although the blooms appear dainty and delicate, this is a tough plant. It thrives in just about any soil or climate and adds a beautiful touch to any garden. 


With proper care and planting at the right time, these beautiful flowers can last for years. 

Check with your local home and garden store or gardening center for more advice on the best plants for your area as well as which varieties will be best for your home. No need to wait until spring to get the garden blooming!