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Prepare Your Lawn for Spring

Mar 24, 2020

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Prepare Your Lawn for Spring

        The task list for taking care of your lawn in the spring months is significantly easier than you might assume. It’s not as tedious as keeping up with summer lawn care and not as hot either! To be ready for the spring sunshine, follow these tips on how to best care for your lawn.


        Raking is for more than removing fall leaves. It’s also great for controlling thatch, which is mostly dead turfgrass that is dangerous for overall lawn health. Even if you regularly raked in the fall, a few good runs at the beginning of spring will remove those grass blades that died in the winter. You can also remove matted patches to ensure your lawn stays clean and crisp.


        If you have bare patches in the lawn due to heavy traffic or neglect, you may benefit from overseeding. This means adding additional seeds to fill in the area and applying a slow-release fertilizer to the bare spots. It’s best to do this in the fall as a spring preparation, but taking care of it during the warmer seasons won’t hurt.

Tune-Up the Lawn Mower

        If your lawnmower takes a beating in the summer and a long break during cold months, it may need a tune-up to get ready for spring again. Treat it like a car- conduct regular maintenance as needed to ensure smooth operation. It’s recommended that you get a tune-up on the lawnmower at least once per year.

Prevent Weeds

        Stop pesky weeds before they start. Springtime is ideal for applying a pre-emergent herbicide to keep crabgrass, dandelions and other uninvited guests from germinating. These special formulas are like an antibiotic for your yard.

        By taking preventative measures right away, you’re more likely to have a beautiful, green yard that will thrive in the spring and summer. Don’t forget these important steps when it’s time to get your yard ready and enjoy the lush growth throughout the season!