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Should My Parents Move In With Me

May 19, 2020

Should my parents move in with me banner


Should My Parents Move In With Me? 

Are one or both of your parents needing a little bit of extra help these days? Maybe they are adamant about not wanting to go into an assisted living home, or maybe you’d rather keep them out of one yourself. If you are considering becoming a permanent caregiver for a loved one, ask yourself these questions first: 


If you live with a significant other and/or have children, have you discussed the potential situation with them? Take into account all of the different ways your lives will change if you allow a parent to move in. 

How is your relationship with your parent(s)? If it isn’t the healthiest, you should give this extra thought as it could affect the mental health of everyone in the home. 

What are your needs for privacy? Is your home suitable for a parent to have their own private space where you won’t feel like they are intruding? 

The Home

Where will your parent(s) sleep? Will someone have to give up a bedroom and combine with a sibling? Have you considered building additional space onto the home? 

Will you need to purchase assistive items such as grab bars or ramps? 

Personal Care

Are you comfortable helping a parent with daily activities that they would possibly need in an assisted living facility? 

Do you have an idea of what to expect long-term as a parent gets older or potential sickness/other conditions increase? 


Count the costs of having your parents live with you. Will there be additional expenses if more help is needed inside the home, such as a home nurse? 

What will the financial arrangement be as far as “rent” or contribution to food and meals? 

Time Management

Will your parents need care during the day while you are at work? Will you have time for yourself? 

These are just a few of the many factors to consider when evaluating whether or not your parents should move in. Don’t rush into a decision one way or the other, but truly take the time to be sure it is the right choice for all family members involved.