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Storm Safe Yard

Aug 13, 2020

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Weather in the south is about as uncertain as anything in 2020. You may be enjoying a beautiful, sunny morning and plan to spend the day by the pool, and thunder could be rolling in by lunch. Not only is it time for surprise summer storms, but hurricane season is upon us too. Because of this, your yard is susceptible to storm damage and could be a pain to clean up. Here are a few things you can do to keep your yard safe from storms. 

  • Strategically trim tree branches. Keep them cut back and avoid letting them become overgrown, as high winds could break off extra branches and cause damage to the yard or outside of your home. Trimmed branches allow the wind to pass through without blowing them over. 
  • If you have smaller or newly planted trees, double-stake them into the ground. This will provide additional support while still allowing the tree to build strength from winds. 
  • If you have a heads-up that a storm is coming, store away all furniture and outdoor decor that could be damaged or blown away with high winds and heavy rain. Stack your patio chairs and place them against the side of the home or store them in the garage. Remove any hanging items such as bird feeders. 
  • Be sure to clean your gutters regularly. This gives rainwater a clear path to drain without being clogged up by leaves and other debris. 
  • If you have a newly planted garden, consider adding a layer of mulch to absorb moisture. This will prevent heavy rains from washing away the soil and ruining your chances of new growth. You can also find plant covers to protect them when the rains approach. 
  • Install a downspout if you don’t already have one. This is a simple piece that attaches to your gutters to safely carry water down the side of the home and away from the foundation. It will also prevent puddles near the front or back doors. 

Keep these tips in mind when working in the yard and take simple steps to protect your home from serious damage.