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Things to Get Rid Of When Downsizing

May 19, 2020

Things to get rid of when downsizing banner


Things to Get Rid Of When Downsizing

Are you at a point in your life where it’s time to downsize? Many people are foregoing the larger, more elaborate houses for cozy cottages or ranch-style floor plans. When you have an excess of items, it’s hard to think about downsizing for storage reasons. Here are a few things you should consider getting rid of before moving to a smaller home: 


One of the most common things to think about when decluttering is clothing. This is especially important if you will be moving to a home with smaller closets. Maybe you have a few items that don’t fit anymore and know of a local shelter or charity that could use the donation. Be honest with yourself and admit when it’s time to say goodbye to a piece of clothing and hello to more room in your closet. 


It’s easy to collect books quickly, especially if you’re an avid reader. However, the books that have been read one time and are now collecting dust on the shelf may be able to go to a new home. Donate to your local library or a shelter. 

CDs and DVDs

In this digital age, it’s likely that you haven’t touched a CD or DVD in quite some time. Why let them take up space in your new home? 


Old purses and totes don’t need to take up more space in your new home. If there’s a bag that isn’t your style anymore or you know someone else that could use it, get it out of your closet and free up that space. 

Kitchen Items

Did you grab a new kitchen gadget just because it was on sale, only to use it one time and let it take up precious counter or cabinet space? It’s going to be necessary to utilize that space as much as possible when you end up with a smaller kitchen, so put those unused items out for a yard sale or donation. Same with excessive utensils as well. 


Seasonal decor should be stored neatly in the attic, garage or spare room/closet. If you found a little trinket in a “dollar spot” somewhere and it’s just sitting somewhere, maybe you should say goodbye to it. Think about keeping the meaningful and useful decor items that will stand the test of time. 

Cut your belongings down to a manageable amount before downsizing your home. Not only will you save space on the moving truck, but you’ll have a fresh and clutter-free start in your new home!