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Trends in the Owner’s Suite

Mar 24, 2020

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In 2020, owner’s suites in new homes can be expected to have bigger and better designs than those in older homes. Homeowners desire an escape from daily life and stress and the private space in their home can do just that. 

The bedroom and bath that compose the owner’s suite give the perfect opportunity to create additional space and add upgrades that give a feel of luxury, whether through a new build or a remodel of an existing space. A freestanding garden tub is one of the ultimate staples of relaxation that will instantly make an owner’s bathroom feel more spacious. Heated floors are another upgrade that will give your owner’s suite a step up from the others. 

As far as color trends for the owner’s suite, calming neutrals and organic textures are the way to go. Creamy beiges and cool greys are versatile and will go with a variety of different decor. An elegant add-in to the owner’s suite is extra glass or acrylic with metallic accents. Acrylic side tables with gold legs are a great example of a crisp, modern look. A cozy nook in the room helps aid in relaxation as well. If you are a book lover, consider a built-in shelf for your favorite reads to escape the real world. For happy hour at the end of a long day, a mini bar is a great thing to consider so that your favorite bottle of wine is just a step away. 

Don’t lose sight of organization in the owner’s suite. Take advantage of different shelves available that meet your storage needs. A well-lit closet with ample hanging space is a necessity. If the closet is large enough, a center island for storing jewelry and accessories is a great way to keep the clutter to a minimum. If you really want to feel like you’re living in luxury, add an accent chair by a large mirror to get ready in comfort. 

The most important factor in having an amazing owner’s suite is what makes it your own. Think of your comfort, desires and specific needs to design the perfect suite for your home.