Turning a room into an at-home office banner

Turning a Room Into an At-Home Office

Jan 8, 2021

Turning a room into an at-home office banner

Numerous workers have turned into remote employees this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and some of those positions have become long-term or permanent. If nothing else, 2020 taught us to be flexible. After all, we didn’t think staying home would last more than a few weeks yet here we are almost one year later. If you’re still trying to accomplish your work at the dining room table, it’s probably time to create a home office. Ideally, a spare room would be perfect but if you don’t have one, consider sprucing up a large closet or basement. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when setting up an efficient home office space: 

Utilize Your Space

A spare bedroom is the most commonly used type of office space to use at home. You’re able to close the door for privacy and focus and usually have natural light. However, work with what you have regardless. A large closet could fit a slim desk or a murphy-style desk that folds into the wall. 

Keep Ergonomics in Mind

Be sure your home office space is comfortable – after all, you’re spending a good chunk of time there nowadays. An office-type chair and appropriate height desk are necessary and worth the investment when shifting your work life to home. 

Consider All Who Will Use the Space

Are you the only one in your household working from home or are there others who will need to rotate within the space? Try adding a table or large desk to the room where spaces can be across from each other or work out a schedule for each of you to be in the home office without distracting the other. 

Shine a Light

Natural light is extremely important when it comes to focus and productivity. However, it can cause a glare at times. Arrange your desk so light from the window, overhead lights or lamps won’t cause a glare on computer or tablet screens. 

Check Your Internet Speed

Fast and reliable internet is an essential factor of working from home. If you’ve had spotty service in the past or have multiple devices running on the internet throughout the day, discuss upgrade options with your provider or look into switching if you need to. 

There are perks from working at home, especially the commute saving gas and time! Do what you can to make your home work life as comfortable and effortless as possible.