An image of sprinklers on in green grass.

Warm Weather Sprinkler Tips

Apr 5, 2021

An image of sprinklers on in green grass.

Sprinklers play an important part in keeping yards looking their best. Before you start running the sprinkler regularly throughout the season, check out these maintenance tips to be fully prepared for the warmer weather. 

Check the soil. 

The soil under your landscape is always the last to soften up. Be sure not to start your sprinkler system until the soil is soft, otherwise it could cause damage to the pipes. To check, take a shovel and dig roughly 12 inches deep to ensure there is no hardness in the soil. 

Run a program check. 

Make sure the date and time are set correctly on your timer. Then, check other settings to make sure they are adequate for your yard’s watering needs. If there is a backup battery in the timer, replace it every 6 months to ensure smooth operation. 

Remove debris.

Check for rocks, dirt and other types of debris that could block the water flow from sprinkler heads. If they are not clear, you could end up with wasted water and an uneven landscape. Check the spray heads as well to make sure they are clear. 

Do a thorough check of all sprinkler parts. 

Sprinkler heads and nozzles are typically designed to withstand normal wear and tear, but lawnmowers or dogs may do some damage. If there are any chipped or cracked pieces, replace them before starting your system. A broken sprinkler could not only damage your yard, but could lead to a higher water bill. 

Avoid a water hammer. 

When a sprinkler valve is first opened, there could be a high-pressure watered surge that can burst pipes and damage the system. This is called a water hammer. To avoid this, open the main water valve slowly and gradually. 

If you find any other issues in your sprinkler system, have an expert come out to perform a checkup. Properly functioning sprinklers are a necessity during warmer months and will keep your yard looking lush and hydrated.