Ways to celebrate fathers day 2020

Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day

Jun 11, 2020

Ways to celebrate fathers day 2020


Father’s Day is June 21 this year. While dad always appreciates handmade gifts and funny t-shirts, try taking it a step further with fun things to do that will make this year especially memorable. There are 4 lesser-known holidays that share the day with dad, so why not celebrate those at the same time? Here’s how you can bond with dad while celebrating these national holidays: 

International Yoga Day

Take International Yoga Day as a time to refocus and get centered. Maybe you can find a class to take with dad at a local yoga studio. If they are still closed out of caution during the COVID-19 pandemic, purchase instructional videos or look some up on YouTube that you and dad can easily follow. It’s the perfect opportunity to relax in the midst of such chaos. 

National Selfie Day

You’re going to create an appreciation post for dad on social media anyway, right? Take a new selfie on Father’s Day to show all of your friends, family and followers. You can incorporate this into a gift as well by taking a selfie in advance and framing it for dad. 

National Smoothie Day

Do you like to treat dad to a meal or drink on Father’s Day? Luckily, it’s National Smoothie Day as well. Check out a local restaurant or smoothie shop for a mid-day date. You can also try new smoothie recipes at home together and create a refreshing, tasty treat! 

World Music Day

World Music Day started in France in 1982 and is now celebrated in 120 countries worldwide. It is open to anyone who wants to participate and is the perfect way to enjoy the different musical styles our world has to offer. If you and dad enjoy listening to music together, look for a nearby city that is hosting a celebration festival or pick a few new artists to listen to from home. 

Hopefully you have some unique ideas for how to celebrate dad this year. Don’t let social distancing ruin any plans- create new memories with the special man in your life and appreciate the time together!