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Celebrating Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up, and you might be worried that you don’t have anything planned for Mother’s Day. Fortunately, we got a couple of ideas you can use to help make your mom’s day incredibly special. Mother’s Day Shared Experiences Go on a Trip If your mother is the adventurous type, take her on…
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Maintenance Tips for Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

Often, we don’t think about our smoke alarms. They just hang from the ceiling of our rooms, and we ignore their presence until it goes off. And while our attitudes towards them are probably justified, it’s actually essential for you to maintain and clean them regularly. Part of the reason why is when these things…
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How to Create a Relaxing Home Environment for You and Your Loved Ones 

Creating a relaxing home environment might seem difficult. However, it only really requires a few minor adjustments to your house. To help you, we compiled a whole list of daily practices you can do to help your home feel like a place of relaxation. We even included a few personal tips you can use that’ll…
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Home Features Most Buyers Want

When you’re putting your home up for sale, figuring out how to differentiate it from the others on the market might be tricky. So to help, we will talk about the features that most homebuyers want to see in their home.  Features Homeowners Want Before we dive into our list, we should probably tell you…
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Tips for Creating a Distraction-Free, Productivity-Boosting Home Office 

If you’re working from work thanks to a remote/hybrid position, you know a home office is critical. And while you might have the essentials, there are still a few tips you could learn to help make your home office feel like a workspace. Set Up Your Home Office in a Separate Room  You want an…
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Setting Up Your Porch For Spring: Decor Ideas That’ll Make Your Home Stand Out

It’s finally spring! And, of course, when spring arrives, you have to get your porch and patio ready for the season.  To help out, we’ve collected a couple of tips you can use to help clean your outdoor living area and help it stand out.  Clean Your Porch Before You Set Up Decor  Clean the…
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Proper Tree Care to Keep Your Property Safe and Beautiful

When you have trees on your property, it certainly adds a beautiful element to your lawn. However, trees require periodic care and maintenance for their health and to limit any potential harm they might do to your property.  And if you’re planting new saplings, there are certain things you’ll have to do to make sure…
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Tips for Choosing a Home Builder

Deciding which home to buy can be a daunting task. However, suppose you’re specifically looking at new construction homes. In that case, you might want to research the home builder. And there are many reasons why you should. In this article, you’ll learn what the builder is responsible for, why you should research your builder…
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Understanding the Mortgage Underwriting Process

Mortgage underwriting happens right after you submit your mortgage application. From there, the mortgage underwriter will determine your worth as a loan borrower. And during that process, they will use a couple of factors to make a final decision. To help you understand their criteria, we’ll walk you through the process and then provide tips…
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Stella Awards

Builders Association Awards Bill Beazley Homes with Three Stellar Awards

Local builder Bill Beazley Homes is honored for achievements in Richmond County, GA, and Aiken County, SC, new home communities. The Builders Association and Sales & Marketing Council of Metro Augusta hosted the 2023 Stellar Awards at the West Lake Country Club. The annual event recognizes new home real estate agents and builders’ achievements in…
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What Life is Like in Columbia County, Georgia

There are very few resources out there that can tell what life is truly like in Columbia County, Georgia. The county is adjacent to the Savannah River, just east of Augusta, and conveniently located near Fort Gordon. In recent years, Money Magazine even named Evans, Georgia, a “Best Place to Live in America.” So we…
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Simple Ways to Save Up for a House

It’s no secret that saving up for a house is probably one of life’s most challenging aspects, especially for adults fresh out of college. So we’ve compiled a list of tips that’ll make saving more accessible for you.  High-Yield Savings Accounts A typical savings account will probably not excite you enough to save up. But…
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