Ideas for Your Spare Room 

Ene 4, 2023


If you have recently brought a Bill Beazley Home or a home with a lot of space, you might have floated some ideas about what you would do with the extra room you have. But maybe none of those ideas landed.

So we’ve compiled things you can do with your spare room.

Home Office

A pretty standard idea for a spare room, but this is a big plus for those who need a focus area in their home. 

If you work remotely, in a hybrid position, or just need a focus area in your house to work on your side projects, having a home office can help you do that.

Art Studio 

If you’re an incredibly artsy person, having an entire area devoted to your creativity helps boost your creativity and increases your productivity. Having a space to yourself, free of distractions, and full of all the materials you need to create something helps an artist produce their best content.

So, if you’re a full-time artist, an artist who creates and sells their work for supplemental income, or just someone who’s in love with it, this might be the perfect time to set up your at-home art studio.

Home Gym

If you love going to the fitness club but can’t always make time, why not have a workout room to compensate for lost gym time? 

A workout room gives you the space you need to have an effective at-home workout. Install a treadmill, a power tower, and maybe even a few dumbbells, and you’d have an incredible fitness experience in your own home.

Guest Room

If you’re planning on having a lot of guests over, you’ll undoubtedly need a room for them to stay in. That makes the spare room the perfect place for them to reside in. 

To maximize the space of your guest room, try some to these design ideas:

  • Downsize the bed to create more space.
  • Adapt a minimalistic décor by remove any unnecessary items.
  • Maximize storage with innovative furniture such as a fold out sofa or murphy bed.
  • Make the room feel larger with mirros and light colors.

Kids Play Room

You need to take it if you can separate a kid’s bedroom from their play area. Having a designated play area means you’ll find fewer toys around the house, making cleanup a lot easier for you.

And the benefit for your children is also huge! They would have a whole room devoted to playing, crafting, running, and jumping.

Plus, having a place to go to play after they do their homework makes playtime more special.

Home Theater

If you’re a big movie lover, there is no question about what you will do with the spare room. You can make a perfect home theater with the space that you have.

There are some many directions to design your home theater such as led lighting, home automation, and projections that are connected to your streaming services.

Game Room 

Having a game room means an entire section of the home is devoted to entertainment. Making it an ideal location to take guests or just play after a long day of work.

It’s almost like a play area for adults and teenagers! And it’s as simple as installing a hockey table or pool table and adding a dart board.

Or if you’re really into gaming, you can mount a T.V. on the wall and play games with your friends.


Lately, more and more spare rooms have become multi-purpose areas. You can turn your extra space into: 

A home office/ gym combo

It might seem like a wild idea, but it could work. And it’s a perfect idea for anyone who works at home and likes being active. 

A home office/guest room

You might need an area to work in, but you’ll also need a spot for your friend to stay in whenever they’re in town. So why not have both? 

Tip: Have a backup work area whenever your friend is in town, so you can still complete your tasks without distraction. 

A home theater/game room

If your spare room is big enough, you can have one area devoted entirely to watching tv or movies and another to your pool table or air hockey table. 

An art studio/yoga area: 

Sometimes, you might want to get away from your art studio and do some stretches to re-energize yourself. So you cross one area of the spare room into the other, where your yoga mat is waiting for you. And just like that, you went from drawing to stretching within seconds. 

A gym room/meditation room

If you’re a big fan of meditation but also need a space to work out, you can convert your spare room into this exciting yet effective combo. You could even separate the room into different zones, one can be the gym area, and the other could be the meditation area.

And That’s Our List 

We hope you figured out what you’ll do with your extra room. And remember, if you need help figuring out what to do, take a look at our design ideas on Pinterest.