person listening to audiobook

Audiobook Appreciation Month

Jun 6, 2022

person listening to audiobook

Audiobooks have been a part of our lives since the invention of the radio. Whether you buy audiobooks online, from a bookstore, or rent them from a library, we can enjoy them with ease. 

Audiobooks allow us to experience the writer’s words, spoken by a professional narrator. It transports you into a world different from your own. 

In celebration of Audiobook Appreciation Month, we will look at the benefits audiobooks provide listeners and show you why so many people appreciate and love them.

Audiobooks Help Expand Your Vocabulary 

While you might not be reading words on a page, exposure to new terms you are unfamiliar with will occur. When you hear these words in context, you can easily add them to your daily conversations. As a result, you might catch yourself using words that you might not have used before. 

Audiobooks Increase Your Attention Span 

When you listen to an audiobook, you are absorbing a lot of information for your mind to process. Because of this, you are increasing the length of your attention span, meaning you are less likely to lose attention after a couple of minutes. An increased attention span is highly beneficial if you have problems concentrating. 

Audiobooks Are Extremely Convenient 

You might have a hectic life. You may be a busy parent, shuffling work-life priorities, and constantly on the go. But, regardless of what you might be doing, audiobooks will help you get through the day. You can listen to some of the most brilliant works of your time on audiobooks. 

Audiobooks Help You Enjoy A Book With Someone Else 

One of the best parts about having audiobooks is that you can enjoy a book alongside someone else. Maybe you and a loved one are interested in the same book, but you can’t afford to get two copies or want to talk about the book chapter by chapter. In both cases, an audiobook is the best way to go. 

Listening to audiobooks with another person helps build stronger bonds. It’s an enriching experience, as you both are experiencing the same book at the same pace and getting to discuss it as you listen to it. The two of you can make predictions about where the plot will go or what themes the writer is trying to touch on. Such moments are unforgettable, which is what makes them so unique.

Audiobooks Help Us Build Empathy

It’s no secret that books help their readers become more empathic towards the struggles of others, and audiobooks have a similar effect on their listeners. You get into the perspective of the characters and see things from their point of view. You get to travel in another person’s shoes for a couple of hours while the narrator tells the story. 

Because of this, you might find yourself being more kind and compassionate to the people around you. This perspective might help you build better social skills and improve your emotional intelligence, which, in turn, enables you to navigate life a little easier. 

A Personal Recommendation

Since it’s audiobook appreciation month, I decided to suggest a title. The audiobook is The Lord of the Rings, narrated by Andy Serkis, the actor. He portrayed Gollum in Peter Jackson’s live-action films. You can get a preview of his narration on YouTube.

Serkis puts his listeners in the mood to listen to a good book with his soothing, baritone voice. In addition, he adds a lot of character to the writer’s prose, as he vividly describes the world for the listeners to imagine.

Regardless of which genre of book you prefer, there is always an audiobook for someone. It’s all about finding the right one. If you’re interested in trying an audiobook this month, try a book you’ve wanted to re-read for some time or something you’re genuinely interested in. Either way, the experience of listening to an audiobook will be a feeling you will never forget.