Kids painting at summer camp

Augusta Summer Camp Openings 2022

Jul 12, 2022

Kids painting at summer camp

Summer has arrived, and hopefully, your summer has been filled with a lot of fun and joy! Yet, if you have very social or active children, you might have seen them acting a little gloomy for kids who are not doing homework. They probably talk about how much they miss their friends or wish they were doing something cool. And that’s when it hits you! You should put them in summer camp

However, you might be thinking it’s the beginning of July. It’s too late to enroll my baby in summer camp. The good news is it’s not! In the Augusta area, there are still a few summer camps with openings, but enrollment is ending soon! Let’s figure out which ones are still available! 

Code Ninjas Summer Camp

You probably didn’t know about this one! If your child is tech-savvy, loves coding, or enjoys spending time on the family computer, they might enjoy Code Ninjas! Your child will have much fun exploring the best, child-friendly parts of the worldwide web. The camp offers a variety of courses, including:

  • Programming
  • Making a Minecraft Movie
  • Becoming a Youtuber

Augusta Prep Camp

If you have a sporty or highly active child, this summer sports camp will knock their socks off! With listings open for children in grades K-12, your child will be divided into groups with children their age and do the fun activities they did in PE class!

The Rainbow Factory

If your child is very artistic and loves to paint or draw, they would adore the Rainbow Factory Summer Camp! At the Rainbow Factory, they offer a variety of activities for children of all ages to do. From painting, coloring, and mixing for two-year-olds to Sculpting and Art Journaling for high schoolers, your kids will have a massive mix of things to do during their stay at the Rainbow Factory! 

Primer Martial Arts

In Augusta, we have a bunch of martial arts centers. But Primer Martial Arts goes beyond the others by offering an 8-day summer camp for children aged 5 to 12. Here, your kids will experience the martial arts studio’s safe and tranquil environment while learning critical self-defense moves. They also enjoy various games such as Nerf Wars and Arts and Crafts. Here, your child will encounter little to no boredom as they explore the wondrous world of martial arts.

Colombia County Summer Camp

If you’re in Evans or Augusta, you might have heard that Colombia County offers its summer camp at affordable prices! Your sporty child will fit right in as they enjoy the various sports games Colombia County provides. However, it doesn’t end with basic sports games. Your children will also get the chance to participate in Wetland adventures, exploring the wondrous creeks and rivers of Evans, Georgia. 

Love and Care Special Needs Camp

If you have a child with specific needs, you should try Love and Care Summer Camp. This camp ends July 22nd, and they provide your child with various activities. Here your child can build their social skills, do arts and crafts, and go on field trips with other children. This camp allows your child to do what other kids do and much more!

Benefits of Summer Camps for Kids

As adults, most of us have probably forgotten just how incredible it felt to have three whole months off to enjoy ourselves. For children, their summers can be the most magical and fun periods of their lives. But once they’ve successfully unwinded by the second week of their break, you will find them running around the house to entertain themselves. They need constructive outputs for their energy. And there’s no better way for them to release their energy than by spending time with children their age in a fun and safe environment!