Celebrating Mother’s Day

May 9, 2023


Mother’s Day is coming up, and you might be worried that you don’t have anything planned for Mother’s Day. Fortunately, we got a couple of ideas you can use to help make your mom’s day incredibly special.

Mother’s Day Shared Experiences

Go on a Trip

If your mother is the adventurous type, take her on a journey. If she’s a fan of hiking, take on a trail she has never gone before or maybe even on a trail she has been on in a long time.

If she’s a fan of beaches, consider taking her on a weekend trip to one of the many beaches of South Carolina (personal suggestion: Hilton Head Island or Tybee Island). Alternatively, take her to Clarks Hill Lake if you stay in town. 

If your mom is an animal lover, take her to the Riverbank Zoo and Garden. It’s a short drive from the CSRA and features over 3,000 animals and one of the nation’s most extensive botanical gardens.

Take Your Mother Out to Dinner

Nothing screams, “Mom, I appreciate and love you,” like a nice dinner. Of course, the restaurant you take your mother will depend entirely on taste. 

If it’s Italian, try Augustino’s or Luigi’s. If she enjoys Asian cuisine, try Koi Hibachi or Soy Noodle House. If she enjoys Indian food, take her to the Taj of India.

Some places may require reservations, so plan ahead.

Take Your Mother Shopping

Your mother might appreciate a trip to the mall or one of the many plazas in the Augusta-Aiken area. Downtown Aiken is an obvious choice, and of course, there’s the Augusta Mall (which is only growing in popularity).

Not only will you be sharing a fun experience with Mom, but you’ll also be supporting small businesses.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas & Flowers

The best gift you can get your mother is one with much thought behind it. You could always create a scrapbook for your mother. Alternatively, you could create a photo book filled with her favorite photos of her and her dearest loved ones. You could fill it with pictures of the two of you together. That’s truly something she would cherish. Of course, a bouquet wouldn’t hurt. 


Roses are excellent choices for traditional mothers. 

Consider pink roses, which symbolize appreciation, love, and gratitude. That’s a great way to tell your mom (if she knows flower language) that you appreciate what she has done for you.

Another great alternative would be cream-colored roses which represent thoughtfulness. You could even gift her white roses that symbolize purity. 

However, you want to steer clear of red roses. Red roses are specifically for your romantic partner, not your mom. 


Tulips are probably among the best flowers you can get your mother. And unlike roses, you don’t have to be too careful with which colors you choose for your mom.

Pink and white tulips stand for affection and cheerfulness. It’s a fabulous bouquet for any happy, loving mom. Or, if you want to gift your mom a royal present, consider giving her a bouquet of purple tulips.


Carnations: perhaps the most iconic and loveliest flowers to gift someone. But, like with roses, you must be careful with your colors here.

The best choice is pink carnations, representing a mother’s love. However, try white carnations representing pure love and good luck to show off your flower language skills.


Orchids are best reserved for mothers who can appreciate the trendy look of these long-branched flowers. And if your mom is looking for a new house plant, you’re lucky because these gorgeous plants could strive for ages. 

You can be much less picky with orchids, but if you want a safe bet, try pink, which represents elegance, poise, and feminity.  

Mother’s Day Gift for a Gardner

If your mom has a garden, there’s a lot you could do here. Consider upgrading some of her gardening equipment. She might be reluctant to buy some new hand shears, but she would accept new ones. 

Is there a specific plant she’s longed to have in her garden? Here’s your chance to get it for her. If not, look at your mother’s garden and consider what she usually grows.

Try to avoid getting her something she already has (especially if she has a whole bunch of one type of plant). More similar plants can decrease the soil quality of her garden.

If she likes growing flowers, consider getting her some Columbines, or if she prefers darker colors, some Asters.

Suppose she wants something that will stand out, try some Blanket Flowers or even Butterfly Bushes.

Whichever plant you land on, make sure it matches her taste and the general color of her garden. 

Mother’s Day Gift of Jewelry

Jewelry is a bit pricey, but no one can argue it is a nice gift. Consider getting your mother an elegant, thin bracelet with a floral or star design for its medallion.

Or, if you want to hone in on the sentimental value of her gift, engrave your initials on her necklace. It’ll give her something to remember you by.

Making Mother’s Day memorable can be achieved in many ways. 

Mothers Come in All Forms

Mother’s Day is the US’s third highest-selling holiday for flowers and plants. Its popularity increases the number of greeting cards, flowers, and special outings for the second Sunday of May every year. 

But consider that you can celebrate the special occasion with someone that may not have given birth to you! Motherly figures can be foster moms, aunties, or anyone that has influenced your upbringing. 

So whoever you want to recognize, we wish you all a happy Mother’s Day.