Elevate Your High-Quality Home with a Power Pantry: Taking Organization and Storage to the Next Level

Oct 5, 2023


Life in the twenty-first century is distinct. Families are busier than ever, adults are working long hours, and our shopping habits reflect those facts. What does this mean? New homes for sale are featuring “power pantries,” which are attracting home buyers across the country. In this article, the experienced home builders here at Bill Beazley Homes will explore what power pantries are and what they offer.

What is a power pantry?

Think walk-in closet meets kitchen. The power pantry is a small room intended to help homeowners accommodate bulk shopping, store backup paper goods, or even brooms and vacuums that you don’t want in plain sight. Many home builders today are updating their layouts to fit the lifestyles of contemporary families, and this includes offering better storage solutions in the kitchen.

Top 3 ways you can use your power pantry to improve your home life

  1. Stay organized

When you lack cabinet space, everything can start to feel cluttered and it can become easy to lose items, or double-buy things that you didn’t realize you had sitting on the back of a shelf. With the added space and shelving that a power pantry offers, you can keep everything in order. Purchase storage bins and labels, and keep your dry goods, canned goods, paper goods, winter hats and gloves organized and in the right place, so you know exactly where to find them. The extra space also helps you store non-food items, like cleaning supplies, laundry supplies, backpacks, purses, and more to keep your modern home clutter-free.

  • Make your shopping more efficient

Whether or not you have a large family, we all know that shopping in bulk is the most efficient option. From 24-packs of paper towels to extra-large cereal boxes, when you’re sharing food and supplies in a household, it just makes sense to buy from the larger bulk suppliers. But in a traditional home, where are you supposed to store all of these backup goods? It’s a shame that lack of closet or cabinet space often prevents us from making financially advantageous choices at the supermarket. The power pantry solves this problem by giving you all the space you need. Plus, gone are the days when parents have time to run to the store every evening to get fresh food to cook for dinner. Balancing multiple responsibilities means that many of us are doing one big grocery trip each week, and we need sufficient space to store all the goods.

  • Transform the space if you don’t actually need it for storage

If these shopping and storage habits don’t speak to you or your family, a power pantry is the perfect spot to transform into a space for other uses that suit your lifestyle. You can create a home office, a hobby room, a bar, and more. Check out our list of creative ideas to get inspired.

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