July 4 BBQ

How Can I Make My July 4th BBQ Special?

Jul 1, 2022

July 4 BBQ

It’s finally the fourth of July, and we have a couple of suggestions for you to help you make the 4th a lot more special.

Different Types of Fireworks!

If you can afford to spend a little more on fireworks this year, you should definitely experiment with different types of fireworks! While most people go for the big fireworks, having a mix of small and big fireworks helps diversify your night with a mix of colors and explosions.

Experiment with New Recipes

Before the 4th arrives, try experimenting with some online recipes that your family has never tried. People might get tired of the same BBQ recipes over and over again, so figuring out another recipe might be the best route to go to keep things fresh. Of course, you want to do some taste tests with your kids or partner to see if the recipe is might be popular with your extended family. Once you’ve nailed down the perfect recipe, you’re all set!

Bouncy Houses and Trampolines!

If your family members have a lot of children, you should consider getting a bouncy house, so the kids have a safe way to release their energy. Not to mention, adults like bouncy houses too! And if you’re looking for a more long-term investment, trampolines will make every single party you have a lot more fun.


Most Americans like playing football during the 4th, but don’t just stick to football. Try playing soccer, baseball, and other sports you and your family don’t get to play often. Don’t forget other activities like tag and cornholes.

Sparklers and Poppers

Every kid likes sparklers and poppers, and they are relatively safe for children to play with as long they are under adult supervision, of course. Small fireworks are also a lot of fun for teenagers and adults who might not be comfortable around the larger ones.

Set Up a Mini-Bar

If you have a lot of adults coming over for the 4th, you want to invest in a mini bar, so you and your friends can make your mixed drinks and enjoy your beverages the way you want to. If you decide to get a mini-bar, don’t forget to bring some mixers, so you don’t have to buy ingredients for all of your friends’ cocktails. If you have a friend who likes mixing drinks, try asking them if they would like to be the unofficial bartender of your party.

pool party

Make it a Pool or Beach Party

You could make your BBQ a beach party! The 4th is right in the middle of the summer, so a beach party would give everyone a chance to relax in some cool water, sunbathe, or build sand castles while the meat is cooking. Or if you want a more private setting, you can book a venue with a pool and transform your BBQ into a pool party!

There Are Always Ways to Make the 4th Fun!

The 4th is always going to be fun no matter what! It’s hard to make the 4th boring with the number of fireworks, food, and drinks that go around during the 4th. And hopefully, these ideas make your 4th a little more special. Happy 4th!