pumpkins on window

Indoor Decoration Ideas for a Spooky Home

Sep 14, 2022

pumpkins on window

It’s that time when the weather changes and the days get shorter! It’s the holiday everyone of all ages can enjoy and celebrate their way.

Halloween is arguably one of the most fun holidays of the entire year. Millions of people worldwide wait all year for All Hallows’ Eve to come!

And we all have to prepare our homes for the haunting celebration. So here are a couple of ideas we came up with to help you make your home a spooky yet festive atmosphere for trick-or-treaters and guests.


What’s a Halloween home without cobwebs? Shower the corners with cobwebs and tiny plastic spiders.

Better yet, why not a giant spider right in the corner of your wall? It’s the perfect eye-catcher. Having cobwebs and plastic spiders creates that perfect creepy and silly home environment you want for Halloween!

Cover Furniture with White Sheets

Covering your furniture with plain white sheets creates an atmosphere of mystery and unease. Your guests will go into your home and wonder if they’re even in the right place. It’s the perfect way to creep out your guests and keep your decorations budget-friendly.

Tip: If you want to spook your guests, add some red-dye spots onto the white sheets.

Orange, Dim Lighting

That’s right. Stop using so much lighting in your house. And dimly light the living room and the kitchen in orange lighting.

It brings that creepy Halloween vibe you want into your home. It also creates a fear of the unknown, especially if you host a scary movie night or exchange scary stories on the living room couch.

Paper Bats

What’s creepier than bats on your walls? Not only are these decorations cheap, but they are also effective in creating that weird and spooky vibe you’re trying to make. It’s perhaps the perfect, budget-friendly decoration.


Nothing else screams scarier than plastic skulls! These decorations have become so iconic that some people have even begun using them as year-round home decor! 


Do not be shy with these iconic Halloween decorations. Nothing creates a Halloween atmosphere like a couple of Jack-o-Lanterns. Filling your home and using them as one of the primary sources of light in your home makes you a lot scarier and a lot weirder.


A spooky home wouldn’t be complete without some skeletons. Whether you have one as a couch mate or just dangling off the wall, a proper skeleton could bring in that fun, the scary vibe you’re trying to get to your home. Not to mention skeletons are a lot of fun!

Halloween’s a Time of Togetherness and Harilious Fun

Halloween has become one of the biggest social events of the year. For many homeowners, it’s a time to dress up the yard and inside the home with decorations. The occasion brings people from different backgrounds together in their costumes in the name of fun.

Happy Halloween!