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What Life is Like in Columbia County, Georgia

Jan 26, 2023

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There are very few resources out there that can tell what life is truly like in Columbia County, Georgia. The county is adjacent to the Savannah River, just east of Augusta, and conveniently located near Fort Eisenhower (formerly Fort Gordon).

In recent years, Money Magazine even named Evans, Georgia, a “Best Place to Live in America.”

So we decided to list our favorite aspects of living in the area. And maybe, you’ll see why so many of us have decided to move here.

Lots of Green 

Perhaps one of the first things that will stick out to you when you reach Columbia County, Georgia, is the large amount of vegetation around the area. 

Many parks exist in the area and the Greater Augusta region. The area is intensely concerned with preserving nature and providing nature lovers with safe ways to engage with Mother Earth. 

Touches of Different Culture 

One of the first things that strike people when they enter the area is the influence of other cultures. There are few areas in Georgia or South Carolina where you can buy goods and products typically sold in many different regions of the world. 

And it’s remarkable to see how such a small section of Georgia can fit in so much culture. You can find East Asian markets, Hispanic stores, and many other businesses selling foreign goods.

Always Something Happening

We have a saying, “There’s Always Something Happening in the CSRA.” And it’s true. There’s always some event or festive happening nearly every week. Some of them are so unique that you will only find events like them in Georgia or South Carolina.

And there are events for everyone. From art lovers to music fans and food lovers, there’s always something for everyone and anyone in the CSRA.

Gorgeous Neighborhoods 

Perhaps one of the best aspects of Columbia County is its beautiful neighborhoods. And gorgeous homes are being built continuously.

And the beauty of these neighborhoods doesn’t just end at the designs of the houses, the various community amenities, and the way it incorporates nature into the community. It also affects the community itself.

Unique, Wonderful Restaurants 

This is probably our favorite aspect of the Columbia County area and the larger CSRA region. So many unique restaurants serve some of the best dishes you will ever eat.

And there’s a restaurant like that for almost every cultural cuisine. From East Asian to French to Italian to Indian cuisine, you can find a restaurant that serves authentic cultural, tasty foods close to your home. 

CSRA Holds More than Just Columbia County

We hope you can see why some people adore Columbia County. But if you’re unsure if this is the right area, you could see if Aiken County has what you need.

Remember, just because Evans, Aiken, and all of these other cities are located in the Greater Augusta region, they are different.

Each city in the CSRA area has its merits and personalities that are evident to the locals. And once you’ve spent enough time in the CSRA region, maybe you’ll see why so many people have moved here.