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4 Neutral Colors for the Home

Jan 21, 2019

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While 2019 is all about bold and bright colors and patterns, there is still something about a classic neutral that keeps the home in a timeless state. Fear not – there are more neutral choices today besides the typical white or beige. The trendy, bold colors can still be used for statement pieces, but you may want to consider keeping a neutral base that won’t need to be changed year by year. Here is a list of 4 colors to start with if you want to keep the classic feel in your home.



A light, airy gray is one of the biggest substitutes for a plain white right now. There are many options to choose from for shades, but some of the most popular are Sherwin Williams’ “Agreeable Gray” and PPG Paints’ “Fog”. Try using these paint colors paired with a darker charcoal gray furniture. You can keep your bold colors in rugs, accent chairs and wall pieces for that perfect pop.



A light taupe is a new take on beige. It gives a cozy feel to the home and makes you feel warm and comfortable. Try pairing it with gray or dark purple accents for a good contrast. A nice taupe paint to start with is “Doeskin” by Sherwin Williams.


Neutral Blue

A light aqua blue can be a pleasant shift from classic white. This is especially perfect for beach-themed bathrooms or guest bedrooms. It gives a light and happy feel that can seamlessly blend with the outdoors. Keep the color feeling serene with white trims and accents, and pair a few darker pieces to give it the right contrasting look.



While stone is similar to taupe, it is a little more flexible as far as what to pair it with. The earthy undertones pair great with greens and purples. Finding a matte finish paint will create an organic look in any room and plant pieces or anything with a natural color palette would match perfectly.


There is a wide variety of choices for re-thinking neutrals in your home, so let this be a start. However, you will definitely want to consider your personal preferences and the way lighting hits in each area of your home. Don’t be afraid to make changes and add those bold furniture or accent pieces to add on to your style!