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5 Chalkboards You Need In Your House

May 28, 2019

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Chalkboard decor has been a staple in older and country-style homes for many years, but the trend is ever-increasing and chalkboards can be seen just about anywhere today. Whether you have an older home or a brand new build, there are plenty of ways to incorporate chalkboards into your decor. Here are 5 ideas to add chalkboards to your home.


  1. Kitchen

Check out your local craft store for a chalk decal or magnetized chalkboard that can be stuck to the refrigerator. This way, you can creatively display menu plans for the week or keep a grocery list handy and update as needed. You can also spruce it up with fun quotes or seasonal doodles.


  1. Foyer

Your foyer/entryway area gives the first impression when guests walk through the door. Place an inviting chalkboard on the wall or entry table with something like “Welcome to Our Home!”


  1. Play Room

If your children have a playroom, prop up a chalkboard or easel for them to practice those art skills. You may even want to consider finding chalk paint from your local home improvement store to create a full chalk wall in the room. Gone are the days of the kids getting in trouble for drawing on the wall! This will be a space they can enjoy over and over for many years.


  1. Laundry Room

A chalkboard in the laundry room is great to post reminders of things that need to line dry, special detergents that may need to be used, or lists of laundry loads and times. Look for one that has hooks or clip attachments to hang those pesky socks that always lose their partner!


  1. Bar/Man Cave

A chalk wall or board hung in your bar area or man cave (she-sheds, too!) can be a great decorative piece for posting your favorite drink mixes and fun quotes.


Try some of these chalk ideas in your home for an extra touch of fun and personalization!