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A Guide to Mudrooms

Jan 22, 2020

Mudrooms: what are they for banner

        Mudrooms have rapidly gained popularity in homes over recent years. A mudroom is typically defined as “a small room or entryway where footwear and outerwear can be removed before entering a house”. They are practical and convenient. If you’re looking for the best ways to utilize or design a mudroom, read on.

Pick a location.

        If you’re adding a mudroom to your home or including one in your new home construction plans, choose a location that will enhance the functionality of the mudroom with easy access. Mudrooms are usually located at the entryway of the most-used door in the home, which is either the front door or garage entrance door. Think about how a mess may be handled too – they are called mudrooms for a reason. On a rainy day, you’ll want a quick dropping point for boots and wet coats to avoid tracking dirt and debris through the house.

Maximize storage capabilities.

        Mudrooms are known for storage space. Adding multiple hooks for coats and bags is a must to ensure sufficient space. The main purpose of the mudroom is to transition from outdoor environments to indoor while still keeping the home clean. If kids tend to kick off their shoes anywhere, add a bench dedicated to keeping their shoes underneath. If you are prone to losing important items such as keys or sunglasses, have a small storage basket or bowl nearby to keep track of them.

Customize away.

        A mudroom is the perfect spot to experiment with fun wallpaper or tile. If you’ve been nervous about introducing bold prints or colors into your home, the small space in a mudroom can bring the right amount of vibrance and fun.

        If there are multiple people living in the home, it’s a good idea to give them designated spots for their belongings. Label each hook or storage basket/space with the person’s name to avoid shoes, coats and bags being mixed into a large pile. The mudroom is still a focal point in the home so it’s important to keep it neat but functional.

        Let the mudroom in your home be an opening to warmth and comfort while embracing the convenience of leaving outside belongings in one spot. Decorate it to your needs and make sure there is plenty of storage available!