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Backyard BBQ on a Budget

Jul 1, 2019

Backyard BBQ on a Budget banner

Hosting a cookout can be a fun and easy way to gather family and friends. Having a backyard BBQ is a staple during the summer, especially in the south. It is a relaxing time to have everyone together, share stories and create new memories all while enjoying some delicious food. If you are wanting to have a backyard BBQ but the budget is tight, don’t worry! There are plenty of tips and tricks to making your cookout one to remember without breaking the bank. 


Use cheaper cuts of meat. 

You don’t have to get the best beef tenderloin or ribeye steak to have a yummy meal. Lesser known cuts, like chuck roast or sirloin flap, can be just as delicious with the right seasoning and marinade for the grill. Try chicken thighs instead of breasts- they hold flavor better, too! 


Create a gourmet hamburger and hot dog buffet. 

A little bit can really go a long way here, and your guests will like the option to customize their plates. Buy a large package of hot dogs and/or burger patties from your local grocery store or bulk warehouse and create a spread of various toppings on a table. Think beyond your typical ketchup, mustard and horseradish- try sriracha mayonnaise, barbecue ketchup, pickled vegetables, bacon, shredded cheese, or even guacamole! 


Try an outdoor taco party. 

Tacos are an easy way to make your meat go further and get more bang for your buck. With taco trucks and restaurants increasing in popularity, take some inspiration from their menus and create something a step above the usual taco. Gather ingredients like pulled pork or chicken for a delicious barbecue taco- guests can’t fit as much meat into a tortilla as they would a sandwich bun, so you can make it last longer and entertain more people! Don’t worry about feeling like you’re skimping. Guests will love the idea and be just as satisfied with the food. 


Keeping up with the kebabs…

A great way to showcase different ingredients inexpensively is by grilling some delicious kebabs for your guests. You could even lay the ingredients out buffet-style for them to stack their own and let you grill! All you need is a good meat base and a few different fruits and veggies. 


Hosting a backyard BBQ does not have to be intimidating or expensive. Feel free to suggest that your guests bring sides or desserts to help lighten your load as well. Remember to look for the best deals on all of your ingredients and search for coupons, too!