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Benefits of a
Design Center

Jul 31, 2019

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When you choose to build a home from the ground up with Bill Beazley Homes, you get the privilege of working with our esteemed design center. Building a home can require an incredible amount of energy and decision-making, but the design center is available to ease concerns and help you visualize everything you need for your perfect dream home. Here are a few reasons why working with the design center will make your home building experience better: 


Up-Close Look at Products

Looking at home options online can be helpful for some, but frustrating for others. It can be more beneficial to look at home selection choices and be able to touch them in person. A shopper’s preference to feel things make an impact on the decision to purchase. You may find that you’ll make a decision quicker when having all of the options laid out in front of you at the design center. 


Guidance of Consultants 

Face-to-face interaction with an experienced designer can make a world of difference in accomplishing your home dreams. When you go through the design process with Bill Beazley Homes, you will have someone walking you through each step of choosing selections for your home from the inside out. They will also help you stay within your budget while still getting what you want. 



Although floor plans are set by the builder, your home will be far from the “cookie-cutter” style with the help of the design center. There is a wide variety of materials and finishes for everything from the siding outside of your home to the bathroom faucets. Each step is up to you and you will feel a new level of ownership during this process. 


Convenience of Everything in One Place

At the design center, everything you need is under one roof. The only separate decision you will need to make is light fixtures with a local lighting gallery, but the design center gives you suggestions and details before making that trip. This will create a seamless experience for you and alleviate the stress of making multiple decisions in multiple trips. You can take care of everything in one day! 


The design center is the perfect place to see your new home dreams come to life. Relax and let Bill Beazley Homes take care of you today!