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Choosing the Right Flooring

Jan 22, 2020

Whats the right flooring banner

        Are you building a new construction home in 2020? Perhaps it’s time for some renovations in your current home. If flooring is a decision you need to make, be sure that you select the right flooring for your lifestyle. It is an essential component of the home that can pull a room’s overall look together, but also needs to be ideal for the type of usage it will undertake.


Hardwood floors are a classic that never really go out of style, but upkeep can be a challenge. They require special wood floor cleaners and are prone to scratches. If you are living on your own or without children, hardwoods could still be useful and somewhat easy to maintain. But if you have a family or pets, it may be best to avoid the hardwood option.

Luxury Vinyl

        Luxury vinyl flooring comes in both plank and tile styles, making it easy to place throughout most areas of the home. Most modern luxury vinyl is modeled after hardwoods and natural tiles, so appearance isn’t a problem. It’s usually more cost effective as well if you’re trying to stick to a budget. The cleaning and maintenance are much less tedious than classic hardwoods. Luxury vinyl is also easier on your body as it has some spring, unlike ceramic tile which can wear on your feet and legs after a period of time. Luxury vinyl is a much better option for families with children and/or pets.


        Carpet is typically placed in bedrooms, but most homeowners are opting for hardwoods or luxury vinyl simply for ease of maintenance. While carpet is softer, one spill or accident can require hours to clean. It can be expensive too if there are larger messes that need to be taken care of by a professional. If you’re looking to save money up front and don’t mind breaking out the vacuum regularly, go for carpet in as many rooms as you choose.

        Be sure to consider all of the factors involved in your flooring decision. How much foot traffic will be in each room, the upkeep required and wear are all important things to think about when you are purchasing flooring. Make the best choice for you and your family!