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Creating a Home Office Space

Apr 29, 2019

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The popularity of home offices has been on a steady rise the past few years thanks to technology allowing employees to work from home when needed as well as entrepreneurs who run their business from home. Whether you need this designated space for running a full business or simply want a quiet nook for paying bills and updating schedules, it is important to have more than an extra chair and tiny desk in the house to complete your work. Take a look at these important tips we have come up with for creating your own home office space:


Location matters!

If you have a guest room that is rarely used, it’s the perfect place to transform into the home office. When you plan to spend a large amount of time working from home, you want to be sure you’re in a comfortable spot and not crammed in a tiny, windowless closet. Consider traffic flow through the house as well – if there are small children running in and out, it’s probably best to avoid using the corner of your dining room and instead having a room with a door that can block out the noise. It is also beneficial to have a larger space if you have clients that occasionally come to your home for any reason.


Invest in a good chair.

You will most likely spend hours in the home office, so do your back a favor and spend a little extra on a good chair. Having something with good function will be worth every penny.


Choose a color scheme that makes you happy.

If beige walls bore you and drag you down, they’re probably not the best for creating a home office space. Pick a paint color that brightens your day and lifts your spirits to maximize productivity when working. An inviting mint green or seafoam blue are good options to start with if you’re not quite ready to go with a bold color.


Give yourself a nice view.

Since your home office will be completely customizable to your wants and needs, position the desk to be facing something you enjoy as opposed to a blank wall. When you glance up from the computer, seeing a beautiful tree outside the window or a piece of art that puts a smile on your face can make all the difference in your work day.


Lighting is important.

Make sure your home office includes plenty of light (preferably natural) to minimize eye strain and headaches. Keep the computer away from glares that may be caused from the sun and consider finding a small desk lamp that displays natural light. Blue light-blocking glasses are also a great option to cut back on the strain your eyes endure from staring at a screen.


Stay inspired.

Set up a small area in your home office that will keep you motivated- awards and certificates of achievement, special photos and other things that remind you why you’re doing this in the first place. You’ll be more inspired to accomplish the tasks in front of you to enjoy the rest of the beautiful life you’ve created.


Don’t let the idea of a home office space overwhelm you. Take time if needed to curate the perfect area for work to be done that will leave you feeling more relaxed than stressed. Happy decorating!