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Fall Decor Trends

Oct 2, 2019

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The fall fashion season is gearing up to be all about boldness and risk-taking. Gather some inspiration from the runway and incorporate these trends into your home when switching up your fall decor. Be on the lookout for these fall trends and make your home Instagram worthy this season. 


Small Details

A string of dainty glowing lights or a small vase of pumpkins could make a huge difference in the fall mood of your home. Sometimes we forget that less is more, so a few key pieces in decor can make a lasting impact. 


Pops of Color

While lilac is typically thought of as a spring shade, it can beautifully tie in with fall neutrals for a fun touch of color. Think about using a fun color like this for small details such as a flower vase or throw pillows. 


Throw Blankets

Capes and ponchos are a big fall runway trend, so why not give your couch a cape, too? A good throw blanket is a staple for a cozy fall home. If your couch is solid with a plain texture, consider a printed or textured throw blanket for the perfect accent. 


Tassels and Fringe

Throw pillows or blankets with tassels give the perfect touch of fun. Fringe has been a big trend as well, so look for a southwestern-style blanket to keep warm. 



Look for a glossy planter to set your mums in or a collection of vintage glass bottles to fill in a shelf. Satin pillow cases are great for fall as well (and great for your hair). Different textures throughout the home create an extra level of coziness and will stand out in photos. 



Gold accents have been a long-running trend in both the fashion and home world with no signs of slowing down soon. Little details dipped in gold will bring some shine to your home. Start with hardware or frames (you can even spray-paint old decor with a gold metallic paint for a cheaper option than shopping for new). 


Let this inspiration be your launchpad for trendy fall decor. You may like it enough to keep it year-round!