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Ground-Up vs. a Spec Home

Apr 10, 2019

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2019 has been a great year so far for buying homes and there are no signs of slowing down any time soon. Whether you’re getting ready to purchase a home for the first time or have some experience under your belt, there’s always a lot of decision-making involved. If you have chosen to buy new construction, you will need to choose whether you will build a new home from the ground-up or if you’d rather purchase a “spec home” (a new home pre-built on speculation before a buyer is identified). We will go over the benefits of either choice if you’re in the middle of making this important decision.


Pros of Building from the Ground-Up

Building the home of your choice emphasizes the American dream in giving you the home of your dreams. It isn’t being built for just anyone- it’s chosen by you and will meet the needs of your family for years to come. This option isn’t just for millionaires – many different home budgets allow for new construction. Thanks to modern technology and increasing customer service abilities from builders, the owner can be more involved in each aspect of building a home to give it a truly personal touch. You may even have the choice of size and location of lot for your home to be built on.


Pros of Buying a Spec Home

The main benefit of a spec home is that it is brand new and already built, leaving out a big chunk of decision-making for the owner. It is possible to put a contract on a home before it is finished so that you are still able to make many interior choices such as paint color, countertop finishes and more. You have the luxury of a move-in ready home without the construction process. Bill Beazley Homes will come with a warranty, giving you a sense of relief that any problems that could arise will be easily fixed. It is still important to get a thorough look at the spec home to be sure it’s what you still want for a dream home.


No matter what choice you make on starting a new home journey, Bill Beazley Homes is here to assist you in making each decision the best one!