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Have a Wedding in Your Backyard

Sep 3, 2019

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Who says weddings have to be at an extravagant and pricey location? If you are planning to be married soon or are looking to help host a wedding for someone close to you, consider your own backyard. If your home has a spacious backyard, imagine the options for holding such a special event. In the case of getting married, there really is no place like home. 


Make sure there is room for the ceremony. 

Take a look at your guest list. If your backyard can contain them, look into chair rental companies or a standing-only ceremony if you plan on having a short one. A backyard wedding is especially convenient if there is a small guest list and the ceremony will be intimate. 


Recruit assistance. 

A wedding coordinator can bring a new perspective on the home you’re already used to. Having help setting up the basics will relieve stress from you. Think parking assistance, setting up, cooking and serving food, and helping with cleanup after. Hiring a cleaning crew is a great idea as well so that you can have your home back quicker after the wedding. 


Pay attention to landscaping. 

With multiple guests expected, you’ll want to have your yard in tip-top shape. Whether you mow the lawn yourself or hire a landscaper, your guests will be pleased with the curb appeal and fresh plants. 


Have vendors look at the property. 

Allow your vendors to look around the home and backyard ahead of time so that they can be better prepared when the wedding day comes around. They will need to determine what equipment to bring, details for photos and where to set up food. 


Check local ordinances. 

Depending on the area you live in, you may need a permit from your local government to host an event. Find out if there is a noise ordinance or if you will need a law enforcement individual on site for safety purposes. It is better to take one extra step of research while planning than to get in trouble while it is taking place! 


The last tip is to enjoy the day. This list covers logistics, but the most important thing is your happiness at the end of it all. Don’t let the planning stress you out and treasure the sentiment of having a backyard wedding.