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Homeowner Tool

Jul 31, 2019

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  1. Philips Screwdriver

This is one of the most common tools in anyone’s toolbox. Just trust us- you’ll need it.


  1. Flathead Screwdriver

Since most lightswitch plates have straight screws, this is a good one to keep around for repairs. Grab a few different sizes as well so that you’re prepared to handle different jobs.


  1. Tape Measure

Tape measures are needed for all sorts of reasons from placement of objects to calculating furniture plans.


  1. Level

While it may seem easier to guess whether or not something is level by eye, this simple tool will eliminate that guesswork. Even the slightest error without level will bring a world of frustration having to hang the item again.


  1. Utility Knife

If paint has dried around windows or drywall needs to be scored, a utility knife is the perfect solution to add to your toolbox. You’ll be surprised at how many things this knife will help take care of.


  1. Hammer

It could go without saying why you need a hammer. Look for one that’s a bit higher priced and invest as they are longer and more lightweight, making your job easier.


  1. Putty Knife

If you’re all about DIY projects, chances are you’ll need a putty knife in your arsenal. This will help with scraping dry glue or spreading putty and paste.


  1. Pliers

A good pair of pliers will hold objects firmly as well as pull, pinch or bend metal.


  1. Power Drill

The power drill is a convenient luxury to avoid constantly turning screws. It will help large products pass quickly with less muscle power.


  1. Electrical Cord

A well-insulated power cord that can be used indoors and outdoors is highly beneficial. It can even be used to hook up yard work supplies for a more free range of movement.


  1. Flashlight

If the power ever goes out, you’ll need a flashlight to find things needed in the dark. Keep extra batteries too so that it can keep power.