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Hosting Halloween in Your Neighborhood

Oct 2, 2019

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Halloween season is officially here. It’s time to hang the spooky decorations, plan out costumes and map a plan for trick-or-treating. Does your neighborhood welcome little candy hunters? If so, consider hosting a Halloween party for friends and family, or a fun block party for neighbors to enjoy. Check out these ideas for a fun Halloween evening. 


Make Room

When little feet are running through the neighborhood, you should do your part to ensure their safety. Clear the area in front of your home and sidewalk to avoid any trips or falls. Remove hoses, cords, garden debris- anything that could pose a hazard. Be sure the area in front of your home is well-lit so everyone knows where they are going. 


Create a Fun Photo Booth

Find a fun Halloween tablecloth or large piece of fabric. Add streamers, balloons, or spider webs and you have a quick photo booth! Encourage friends and neighbors to snap a picture for a fun memory. 


Lights for All 

Check out your local party store for bulk packages of glow sticks or glow jewelry to pass out to trick-or-treaters. This will make their night more fun as well as give them additional safety when walking around the neighborhood! 


Include Everyone

If your neighborhood has a social media page, create a post a couple of weeks in advance notifying them of your plans. Invite neighbors to bring dishes over for a potluck in the driveway while the kids trick-or-treat. 


Bring Extra Seats

Have friends and neighbors bring lawn chairs over so that everyone has guaranteed seating. If there are extra chairs available, let the kids take a break to eat a hearty snack in the middle of digging through their candy! 


Halloween is a fun night to relax and make memories. Step up your hosting game by creating a “theme” for your home and dressing accordingly. This will be great for extra pictures and a funny theme will guarantee laughs from everyone who walks by. Happy Haunting!