How to Work Out with Dogs in the Fall

Oct 6, 2021


Is your four-legged family member always eager to enjoy time with you? Fall is the perfect season to be outside and enjoy time with your pet. Check out these ways you can work out with your dog for a time you can both enjoy and stay healthy. 

Take a Hike 

Hiking with your dog can provide a great lower body workout for you and extra time in nature for them. The fresh air is great for both of you and there are multiple types of trails to choose from that accommodate your fitness and comfort levels. If you have a smaller dog that doesn’t like to walk far, grab a special pet backpack carrier so they can still enjoy the time with you! The extra weight will even add to your workout. 

Classic Walks

It’s great to walk every day, weather permitting. You can burn more than 200 calories per hour and there is rarely a dog that doesn’t like to walk. Walking is a low-intensity exercise and you can go as long or as short as you’d like. 

Kicking a Ball 

Finding an open field (or staying in your backyard) and kicking a ball around is a great workout for both you and your dog. Juggling a ball with your feet can burn 300-500 calories per hour and racing your dog to the ball is fun for both of you! It’s always great to see the expressions on their faces as they dash to the prize. 

Tug of War 

Believe it or not, this classic game can give you an intense arm workout and will get your heart pumping. Just be sure to use an object that is tough enough for your muscles and their strong teeth, such as a sturdy braided rope. There are also toys at pet stores specifically made for tugging. 


Yoga with a dog? It’s possible! In fact, it has its own special name- doga. It will improve your strength and flexibility and allow your dog in on the fun with a series of modified poses. You can use the weight of your dog for balance and stretch while petting them. It requires little space too and can be done inside your home, in the backyard, or at your favorite park. 

No matter how you choose to exercise with your furry friend, be sure to bring treats to reward them for moving with you!