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Jul 31, 2019

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There are three terms to understand when talking about the lighting world: Task, Ambient, and Accent. When deciding on design selections for your semi-custom home or renovating your current space, it is important to be aware of these terms because the lighting chosen is dependent upon the space you are wanting illuminated. This guide will help you determine which lighting is best for each area in your home. 


Task Lighting

This is lighting used for exactly what the name implies- tasks. Activities that require task lighting may include: reading, pampering, cooking, homework, home office work and playing games. Different task lighting may be required for optimal performance of different duties. For example, an additional pendant light in the kitchen can be useful for reading recipes and prepping food for a meal. Wherever the task lighting is placed, it should be glare-free in order to reduce eye strain. 


Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting creates overall illumination for a particular area. It radiates a comfortable level of brightness. The most common forms of ambients lighting would be in ceiling fans, flush-mount fixtures, or chandeliers. Take a dining room chandelier, for example- it is the main source of light and can be accompanied with smaller accent lights as an accessory. 


Accent Lighting

Accent lighting, or decorative lighting, adds drama and depth to a room with its visual interest. Accent lights will draw the eye to specific features in the home such as plants, photos, or pieces of artwork. Wall mounted lights on either side of a frame can make it pop and give it the attention it deserves. Another good use for accent lighting would be string lights in a kids’ bedroom or on the back patio. 


With any of these lighting features, it is important to consider energy-efficient bulbs for longer lasting light and lower electricity bills. When making selections for your home, don’t hesitate to ask questions and spend extensive time with your lighting expert.