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Paint Trends

Sep 3, 2019

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With a new season approaching, an update to the home can bring a refreshing and cozy feel. You may just want to change out summer-themed decorations for leaves and pumpkins, but if you’re ready for a small home update, try a new paint color. We have gathered a list of trends to keep an eye on for the remainder of 2019. 


Olive Greens

Olive has always been a classic shade that has resurfaced into prevalence this year. It is easy to pair with neutrals to add freshness to a space without feeling overpowering. Shades of olive differ from light and muted to bold and saturated. Choose the one that works best for your current decor and try an accent wall or full room. 


Bright Coral 

Living Coral was named Pantone’s 2019 color of the year. Surprisingly, this bright shade can still transition into fall and give a pop of color to any room. With the orange and pink tones in coral, it is the perfect shade to repaint a little girl’s room or playroom. 


Light Blues

Gray has been a long-running color trend for both walls and furniture, but light and airy blue shades can bring a refreshing twist on a plain gray. It is a moody color with calmness drawing from the gray undertones. If your home has white cabinets, try refinishing them with a misty blue for a trendy kitchen update. 



2019 has brought colors associated with optimism. Yellow is a reminder of sunshine and joy, so why not tie it into the home? Shades of yellow pair beautifully with neutrals and blues. Try adding a pop of yellow in the dining room or office. 



The 2019 color of the year for Sherwin Williams Paints is Cavern Clay. It is inspired by the southwest and has a creamy rust finish. This shade is perfect for fall and brings a welcoming feel to the home. Try it in a room with light wood furniture for a contemporary effect. 


Whether you choose to paint a full room or just a piece of furniture, these shades are a great start and will keep your home on trend. Give one of them a try today!