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Pet Spaces

Apr 29, 2019

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Anyone who owns a pet will be quick to tell you that their furry friend counts as family. So why not add a space (or a few) for them in the home? Homeowners can be very creative when coming up with a spot for their fur-baby to make everyone in the house more comfortable. Here are a few ideas we think would be neat to try out!


Trendy Bedding

Say goodbye to the days of generic pet beds that only come in 1 or 2 colors and look for a bed that matches the color scheme and decor of your home! Many manufacturers are expanding their selections but even if you don’t find something stylish, grab a plain pet bed and make your own cover with a fabric of your choice! It’s a win-win since the cover will be easily machine washable.


Disguise the Litterbox

Even if your cat’s litterbox is stowed away in the laundry room or garage, you can still make it more pleasing to the eye. Try building a wooden box with a cutout to cover the litter box. You can even build it a little higher than the top of the box to hang an air freshener!


Creative Kennels

Gone are the large, clunky metal kennels for your precious pup to sleep in or stay while you’re away. Take a quick peek at any DIY website to see that the farmhouse trend has quickly invaded pet spaces too! You can find inspiration for building or purchasing an end table, coffee table or entertainment center with a cleverly disguised crate on the side. If you build it yourself, it’s easier to customize it to your pet’s size and fit a comfy bed inside as well.


Install a Special Pet Bath

Want to avoid washing Fido in the same tub you use to relax? Consider having a separate bath installed in your garage or laundry room for dog baths. Family tip: It would also work great for kids who love to play outside and get filthy! A simple low-profile shower area with sprayer attachment and shelving for soaps and towels will get the job done.