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Picture Hanging Tips

Jan 10, 2020

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The New Year has officially started and most of the holiday decorations are probably packed up by now. You may have been gifted a frame or two for Christmas or want to refresh your decor for the new decade. Whatever the case may be, it’s important to know how to hang pictures and frames properly. This is especially good to know if you’re renting a home or just bought a new home and don’t want to excessively pierce holes into the walls. Here are a few ideas to get your pictures hung with care: 


Choose the correct wall mount. 

Before busting out the hammer, consider the weight of the picture you’re hanging as well as the wall you plan to place it on. Placing a nail directly into a stud will provide more support for items that are hung, but be careful that they aren’t too heavy to risk ripping the nail out. 

Wall anchors are a great option for hanging pictures onto a wall with no studs around as they will steadily support a screw. 


Know the hardware on your frame. 

Most frames have some form of hanger on the back, so examine your piece to determine which type of hardware is included. Most heavier frames will have a reinforced wire hanging option to evenly distribute the weight when hung on the wall. 


Gather necessary tools.

While a hammer is typically used to hang pictures, a drill or screwdriver may be necessary as well. A tape measure could also be useful to calculate where exactly the frame will hang and how far apart nails should be if multiples are needed. Levelers are a basic necessity for many projects, especially hanging. They will help you get an even hang the first time, every time. 


Hanging pictures and heavy frames can be quite the tedious chore, but it will be easier with the right tools and knowledge. Enjoy the refreshed decor in your home and create beautiful wall displays with ease!