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Preparing Your Yard for Fall

Sep 3, 2019

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Summer is slowly nearing its end, which means the trees will change and leaves will float to the ground. While cooler weather may make it seem like you can take a break from lawn care, it is actually necessary to keep the lawn healthy year-round for a head start on a beautiful yard next spring. During the fall, grass absorbs more moisture and nutrients to prepare for winter. By giving it the attention it needs, the yard will be photo-ready come springtime! Keep these four steps in mind when maintaining your yard this fall. 


Mow Continually 

Keep mowing as needed throughout the fall. As the weather gets colder, drop the mowing blade to its lowest setting in order for more sunlight to reach the crown of the grass. This will reduce browning during the winter. 


Rake Leaves

Though it is typically a tedious chore, raking leaves is necessary to prevent them from sticking together after possible rain or morning dew. This has the potential to suffocate your grass and breed fungi. Some lawnmowers have collection bags or vacuum systems to help pick up the leaves while mowing, making your job easier. Either way, be sure to gather the leaves before they become soggy over the grass. 



Grass grows more slowly as the weather cools down, so applying a fertilizer helps essential nutrients reach the grass to keep on reserve through the spring. Apply a dry fertilizer around mid-to-late fall and spread an even, consistent layer throughout the yard. 


Control Weeds

Weeds absorb energy during the fall. They drink every type of moisture that comes their way, including weed killers. This is why you should apply an herbicide to the grass as soon as possible to prevent weeds from returning during spring. 


By following these four simple tips, you can assure that your yard will stay beautiful year-round.