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Staying Safe in a Power Outage

Sep 3, 2019

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Summer is ending and hurricane season is beginning. While the CSRA typically doesn’t receive the main hit of hurricanes, we often get stuck with late summer storms on the tail end of them. Severe storms sometimes cause power outages. In the event that your home loses power, keep these helpful tips in mind to stay safe. 


Have an Emergency Kit 

Keeping a few items on hand to withstand a power outage will be beneficial whether your power is out for 2 hours or 2 days. Items such as a flashlight and batteries as well as non-perishable foods like granola bars are basic staples for the emergency kit. If you end up losing power for more than 2-3 hours and the food in your fridge begins to spoil, it will be helpful to have snacks on hand to make it through until the power returns. Keep a few candles in the kit too to preserve flashlight battery when needed. 


Heating and Cooling 

If the weather is too warm during an outage, look for a battery-powered fan to use. If the heat is too intense, be aware of shelters in your area that provide air conditioned space. Remember to stay hydrated as well and keep away from sugary or caffeinated drinks. 

In the winter when ice storms are possible, keep extra blankets and warm clothes easily accessible. Staying active and moving around will help keep you warm as well. 


Electrical Equipment

If you were using any appliances when the outage occurred, unplug them immediately. When the power comes back on, a surge or spike could damage the equipment or pose a fire hazard. Leave at least one lightswitch on to be aware when the power returns. 


Power outages are certainly inconvenient, but being better prepared for them will soften the blow when they happen. Keep these ideas in mind during storm season to help you stay calm in an emergency situation!